Moringa FAQ

Here you will find answers to questions about the Moringa tree, I will be happy to answer any questions.
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How to consume moringa?

Moringa is usually marketed as a nutritional supplement; powder, capsules, oil or tincture - alcoholic extraction of  a plant.
The Moringa can be consumed  fresh - the leaves, slightly pungent flavor reminiscent of the taste of the radish and can be use in salads or soups or cooked. the pods are also an  excellent dish need to be boiled. The flowers when slightly  fried has the amazing taste of mushrooms.
The powder can be mixed in products such as; yogurt, hummus, tahini, salads and smoothies.
Anyone interested in cooking powder, use only at the end of the cooking time.

why to use moringa?

Moringa is recommended for everyone. Moringa is very nutritious plant, helps with weight control, anti-constipation,  great for vegetarians and vegans- contains a very high amount of proteins, vitamins and all essential amino acids the body. Lowering blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strengthening the immune system and more.

which parts of the plant do we use?

You can use most of the parts of the moringa tree including the root. The most common use is the leaves and pods. The flowers when fried, taste like mushrooms

where do we produce our supplements?
All our supplements manufactured at GMP, organic and health ministration certified factories.
All the moringa in our products is from our growth and no additional moringa added .
how will you know your moringa is good?
1. The colour. If it is dark green, the powder was treated with heat. Yellow or brown colour is either old powder or spoilt one.
2. Gentle spiciness - the moringa fresh leavs are slightly spicy. When dried, the spiciness gently remain
how will you recognice your moringa oil is genuine?
1. Colour- light yellow
2. Smell- sweet and nutty
3. Taste- gently sweet. If bitter, it is either old or diluted.
what to do with the 5 seeds of moringa i've recieved?

Seeds are best germinated in warm period of the year. You can start in the spring and not later than October (unless there is a greenhouse available). Before planting you should soak the seeds in water for several hours to soften the seed coat, it will help the root break the seed coat easily. After soaking, sow them in a small pot and after germinating, transfer it to a larger pot  or soil. Another way is simply to sow directly in the ground.

moringa and Israeli winter?
Moringa is a deciduous plant and contingent upon temperature. It's mean that below 15 degrees Celsius the moringa dump it's leaves and actually come into hibernation until spring. It will return to bloom in spring. In the tropics,  the Moringa blooms all year.